2338137 - Dashboards Guide / Training / Documentation / Implementation Request / Enhancement Request / SAP Support

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2338137 - Dashboards Guide / Training / Documentation / Implementation Request / Enhancement Request / SAP Support


Please be aware that this is not a final layout nor version - we are currently in the process of adding information.

The Dashboard tool allows you to build reports based on your live SuccessFactors data. It allows you to create tiles and dashboards which display data obtained from the adhoc report data layer.
You can download premade standard tiles and dashboards from the store or create your own. The process is covered in the admin guide.

Please use the below links to access the section you need help with: 

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learningicon.jpg Learning:


We are currently investigating if additional learning resources beside the admin guide might be helpful.

In you would like to add your feedback in regards to helpful material please use the community board to provide feedback and refer to this KBA.


2391863 - Filter panel - People Scope explained



Guidesicon.jpg Guides:

Admin guide (current version of the admin guide)

Please check http://help.sap.com/hr_analytics for more administrative material.


Overview of standard tiles and standard Succession tiles available in the store:

Please check and download the respective attachement of this KBA.



bestguidesicon.jpg Implementation:

With release 1602 the Dashboards 2.0 framework is enabled in the backend by default.

Admin users only need to provide the respective roles with access to the YouCalc Tiles and Dashboards entry within the reporting section.

Please see the admin guide for the required steps.


communityicon.jpg Community:

For any new features you would like to see in the Dashboard 2.0 framework you will need to raise an enhancement request on the community board.

This allows product management to give feedback if a new feature might be considered for a future release.
It also helps product management to prioritze the features requested from customers depending on the amount of votes received per feature.

Enhancement request

Your ideas make an impact. Click here to learn how the ideas you submit through the Community influence our roadmap. These three steps will improve the collection and implementation of your valuable feedback. Thank you in advance for your help in optimizing this process.
You might be also asked by the customer support to contact our product team for any new ideas or Product limitation !
Feel free to post your Enhancement request using the community website : Direct link

How to create an Enhancement Request for Analytics:   2090228 - How to submit an Enhancement Request for SAP SuccessFactors products?


producticon.jpg Product Release:


For the current roadmap of features planned please refer to the following community thread.



Release Resources can be accessed via the following link: https://community.successfactors.com/t5/Product-Updates/bg-p/ProductUpdates

It includes release highlights, Release Information Summary, Release Information Details and Release Information Webinars Like:

Q2 2016 Release Information Webinar: SAP SuccessFactors​tors Native Reporting & Workforce Analytics https://community.successfactors.com/t5/Reporting-and-Analytics-Product/Q2-2016-Release-Information-Webinar-SAP-SuccessFactors-Native/bc-p/141813#M278


 Availabilityicon.jpg Availability and Outage Communication:

Service status dashboard:

This page is used to monitor SuccessFactors Datacenter availability. This show the current status real time but also provide the service history for each datacenter. When the service is interrupted on a datacenter, a detailed explanation on the Incident and issue should be available, showing by database or Product or specific service like SFTP

Outage notifications: 
If you wish to have an S-User setup to receive outage notifications this can be done by your customer's cloud admin. 
See KBA 2115584 - How to get added to (or removed from) notifications for downtime, outages, data center maintenance, release info, and Admin Compass emails - SuccessFactors


SAP Successfactors Dashboards 2.0


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Overview of Standard Tiles for Succession.pdf
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