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2621371 - LMS Assigned Item not showing in Learning plan


Users have assigned items via a Curriculum but it is not showing in their Learning Plan


SAP SuccessFactors Learning Management System (LMS)

Reproducing the Issue

  1. User received a notification that Items were assigned via Curricula, but do not see them in Learning Assignments
  2. Login as an Admin and confirm that there are items assigned to the user
  3. Proxy or login as a user, these items are not present in the user's Learning Plan


  • The items assigned to the user is under curricula whose required dates do not yet fall within the threshold setup on the "USER LEARNING PLAN" system configuration:
    • learningPlanQualItemsAndRequirementsDisplayThreshold
  • By default, this property is set to 30 days


Once the Item due date is within the 30 day threshold, it will appear on the User's Learning Plan

Or update the value of the threshold that is currently set:

  1. Logon to LMS Admin
  2. Navigate to System Admin > Configuration > System Configuration
  3. Open the "USER LEARNING PLAN" configuration file in Edit mode
  4. Find the following section:
    1. # Since 1305
    2. # The admin can configure Learning Plan Display Threshold for Curriculum Requirements and Items. 
    3. # The threshold is in days and the system will only display qual Items and qual Requirements on the 
    4. # Learning Plan with Required Dates that are inside the threshold and (items should have been completed atleast once so that their retraining interval settings kick in).
    5. learningPlanQualItemsAndRequirementsDisplayThreshold=30
  5. Increase the number of days for the "learningPlanQualItemsAndRequirementsDisplayThreshold" to the desired amount

See Also

USER LEARNING PLAN User Assistance Documentation (logon to to access User Assistance Documentation)


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