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2078171 - Routing - Form stuck with v4admin - Performance Management:


  • This solution describes the scenario where forms are routing correctly for the most part, but some are getting stuck with v4admin and only seen in the enroute folder of others. Typically manager changes or data changes were done relative to the forms in this state. v4admin is the default system user every instance has, and will take ownership of transfers and actions when another user is not active.
  • Forms cannot be routed, are stuck with a user called v4admin and only visible in the inbox of some users.


  • Performance Management


  • Incorrect process used to update employee data. Clients must be sure that you do not import an employee import file that sets any users as INACTIVE until you first process an import file to add all new users, and then another file to trigger all employee updates and manager changes. Only once these have been completed should a file be processed that sets users as inactive.
  • Additionally, there are known scenarios using C Steps, Exit users, MATRIX_MANAGER column, CUSTOM_MANAGER column, where if your user data is not correct, then the employee records will update, but forms will not move due to the invalid data, leading to forms being left in limbo with v4admin.


  • First correct all user data.
    • Note: You cannot import userids for INACTIVE people in Matrix or Custom manager fields so be sure to check these columns and remove any invalid names you have in your import files.
  • This may require you set users but to ACTIVE state if any in the route map are now INACTIVE
  • Then using the Modify Document Route Map options in admin tools, rock the form back & forth by routing back a step and forward to enable the system to complete the correct user updates within the workflows.
  • Set old managers as INACTIVE if appropriate


Please refer to more detailed explanation of the reasons why and how forms can become stuck with the wrong users in this solution: > Performance Management: Routing - Top 10 Reasons Forms Failed to Route to Next Step, Forms did not move or moved to wrong user or step


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