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2076003 - Error - 900-001-6 Your request has not been processed successfully - Performance Management


  • Error Code 900-001-6
  • Note: This is a general error code and could mean other errors than just those documented below. If you are unable to determine the issue based on the possible causes documented here, please open a case with Support to research further.
  • When trying to open a form you receive an error that is similar to the following:
    • Your request has not been processed successfully. Please try again.
      If the problem persists, please contact client support and provide the event code and the server timestamp below.
      900-001-6 Mon Aug 23 15:04:01 EDT 2010 Release 10 build (b1007p5erc2) - 35/dc4sfapp05cCluster06-405
  • When trying to launch a form
  • When trying to route a form
  • When trying to sign a form


  • Performance Management


Reproducing the Issue

Multiple scenarios exist.


This is a general error code. There can be many various causes happening on the servers or network.



This issue may actually self resolve if you try again later. Support will not be able to investigate this error when it only happens to 1 or a few people briefly and is no longer happening.  Simply try again later to complete the task.

If the error remains for any length of time, is replicable, then please open a support ticket and we will investigate.  However, as this may resolve itself quicker than Support can investigate, we do recommend trying again later.

If the error is still happening, please check:

  • The competency IDs hardcoded on your forms and ensure that these exist in your library. This can happen when you copy a template from test to production.
  • Other common causes are bad data added by users pasting text into their form
  • Bad goal data
  • or invalid users in the workflow.
  • Limit the number of competencies to 1,000 - this is generous enough but if there is a need to be more than that, please submit enhancement request.
  • If using OOTA (Out of turn access) Check: The Out of Turn access should not enabled for 1:1 meeting step. If the step is a 1:1 type, disable OOTA for this step & retest.
  • Ensure user has the correct permission to access objective/goal/development plans referenced in the PM form.
  • If the form has Goal Section(Development Goal Section) make sure that Goal Management Suite (Total Goal Management) is enabled in Provisioning.


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