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2896474 - HRIS PayComponentGroup Sums Sync job failed


The job HRIS PayComponentGroup Sums Sync is failing. Hence Annualized Salary is not getting updated in ad-hoc reports.


  • SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central
  • Compensation Information
  • Adhoc Reports 


  • This issue is occurring because one of the cache (legal entity to currency cache) is getting evicted while this job is running.
  • This cache stores default currency data for legal entities.
  • This cache is referred in this job.
  • This cache can evict due to:
    • Cache time to live reaches
    • Customer is modifying CompInfo record of some user while the job is running
    • Customer is modifying default currency for Legal Entity while this job is running
  • 1000 users is the cut-off point that triggers parallelization. If the job run is for less than 1000 users, then the job shouldn't fail.


This is known issue and engineering is modifying design with B2005 release such that cache eviction does not impact this job. This article will be updated if and when we have more details.

Work-around: The following work-around should be used until we have the fix in B2005:

  • Schedule this job once a day during mid-night hours only (this will ensure not many users are active in system)
  • To make sure this job completes, while job is running customers need to make sure they are not modifying any compInfo record for any user or legal entity currency
  • Roughly 15-20 mins before this job starts, they need to modify any one user’s compInfo record. They can do change in any field like salary, description, etc. After saving the change they can revert it immediately. This change will ensure cache is being rebuild. In this case if job is running for long time, cache time to live will not reach.


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