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2876002 - Changes to course tracking with Google Chrome 80 release


  • Per some reports on Google Chrome release (Chrome 80) on October 22nd there may impact to course tracking.
  • Courses which are authored to be marked complete on-exit or posting data to an external URL may no longer report as complete. Similarly, learners' progression through courses might also not be saved. Systems such as SuccessFactors Learning may fail to receive completions under Chrome.


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Starting with version 80, Chrome will disallow synchronous API requests made on page dismissal. To clarify, this means two things:

  1. This change only affects synchronous requests.
  2. Chrome will only block synchronous requests made from an exiting browsing context. For example, synchronous requests issued during the "beforeunload", "unload", "pagehide", and "visibilitychange" browser events will be blocked.

This does not require changes from SuccessFactors Learning for multiple reasons:

  • For all SCORM content, the closing window issues no requests. Instead, to record content status changes, the content calls a local JavaScript API from the parent SuccessFactors Learning browser context. The SuccessFactors Learning browser context then issues a request to the server. The closing window never issues a request itself, and cannot be affected by the changes being made to Chrome.
  • For AICC content, two paths are available to content developers for recording status changes.
  • Similar to SCORM, the content calls a local JavaScript API from the Learning browser context. In this case, no API calls are issued from the closing window.
  • The content issues an HTTP request to the server. However, the AICC standard does not require that such requests be made synchronously.

It is possible that some content developer has chosen to implement their AICC content using synchronous HTTP requests. In such a case, the content developer must update their course to issue asynchronous requests.

Customers should be made aware that AICC content configured to issue synchronous requests may fail in Chrome 80. As iContent is self-managed (unless you have a PCM contract, customers are responsible to inspect their own AICC content to see if there are issues with synchronous requests. If any AICC content does rely on synchronous requests to SuccessFactors Learning, reach out to your respective content vendor.

Other content types such as browser, document, etc, will not be affected by Chrome 80 as they do not rely on synchronous behavior.

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