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2871614 - SuccessFactors | Contractual Maintenance Notification Changes: must-known guide


  • Which notification does SuccessFactors send to customers regarding datacenter's maintenance?
  • Will Regular Maintenance Window events trigger notifications to customers?
  • Will the customers be notified in outage occurrences?
  • Will the customers be notified for planned release updates?
  • Will unplanned events — such as emergency maintenance — trigger a notification to customers?


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  • SAP ONE Support Launchpad
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As part of our continued efforts to improve customer experience and our services as well, the event notification distribution procedure was recently changed and some notifications will stop from being delivered to customers in order to enhance the mailing workflow for SuccessFactors cloud services. Please find below an overview about how the Cloud Notification System is working at the moment for events related to all the SuccessFactors modules, such as BizX Suite, Onboarding, Learning, Recruiting, WFA, and so on.

  • A calender of annual planned events (regular maintenance and major upgrade) will be published 2 weeks before the start of each new calendar year in the Cloud Availability Center;
  • An email reminder notification will continue to be distributed for all major upgrade events with, at least, five (5) business days in advance of the event occurrence;
  • During planned and unplanned events (i.e. regular maintenance and outages), status update notifications will be published to the Cloud Availability Center;
  • At the conclusion of major upgrade events and unplanned outages, customers will continue to receive completion or resolution email notifications as they do today.

With that being said, it's important to highlight that the notifications related to the Regular Maintenance Window events will stop from being delivered and, as said in the previous topic, will start to be published in the Cloud Availability Center. They're, mostly, security and performance improvement updates and don't affected neither the system UI, usability or performance for the end user, so, you can be rest assured on this. Should you wish further reference on when those events are going to happen across the year and what they are, please go though the following steps:

  1. Access the Cloud Availability Center;
  2. Type your Customer ID in the "Customer" field at the top-center of the page;
  3. Several tiles will be shown. Focus on the "Planned Events" one;
  4. Select the event you'd like to learn more about;
  5. The next screen will bring a complete description about this event, such as:
    1. Affected system;
    2. Event/update status;
    3. Event start and end dates;
    4. Data center;
    5. Company ID;
    6. Event/update description and outcomes.

# Frequently Asked Questions- FAQs

  • Will I still receive a five (5) business day email notifications before the regular maintenance window?
    • Since a maintenance calendar for the entire month of December 2019 as well as an annual maintenance calendar will be available in Cloud Availability Center Availability, the five (5) business day email notification will not be distributed.

  • Will I still receive a five (5) business day email notifications before the Major Upgrade Window?
    • Yes. For Major upgrade events, SuccessFactors will continue to send email notifications as well as publish them on the Cloud Availability Center calendar.

  • How can I expect to learn about the status of ongoing planned or unplanned events?
    • All status notifications will continue to be created however; the distribution will now occur via the Cloud Availability Center only.

  • Will notifications be sent for emergency or short notice maintenance events outside the established Regular Maintenance window?
    • Yes. SuccessFactors will continue to send announcement and completion email notifications for all planned and emergency or short notice maintenance events. Additionally, please note that planned maintenance events which require downtime outside the established regular maintenance window will be handled as an emergency or short-term maintenance.

  • Will the Cloud Availability Center calendar have a different event legend for Major Upgrade versus Regular Maintenance events?
    • No. All planned events will be reflected in the Cloud Availability Center calendar with a blue indicator. However, as part of our continued customer experience improvements, we have included this on our roadmap. Once a delivery plan has been defined and finalized, you will be notified.

  • What other changes are on the roadmap and when will they be delivered?
    • In accordance with your Cloud Agreement, SAP continues to work diligently on improvement to all SAP Cloud Services. As such, an email notification will be distributed to advise you of the effective date of all future enhancements. This will enable us to maintain the quality of delivery standards our valued customers deserve.

  • How do I get to the availability calendar on the Cloud Availability Center?
    • Once you have successfully logged into the SAP ONE Support launchpad to access the Cloud Availability Center app. From the home page, select SAP SuccessFactors from the “Your SAP Products Overview” section to access the availability calendar. Please refer to the User Guide for detailed instructions.

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