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2824706 - [LMS] b1908 - SuccessFactors Learning (LMS) Release Information Summary


This Knowledge Base Article is to document all major enhancement/noticeable fixes in our Q3 2019 (b1908) release. Also provides one stop shop for Learning Management System (LMS) documentation.

Release Schedule: KBA 2521176

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The documentation can also be found on the SAP Help Portal under SAP SuccessFactors Release Information, quick links under "What's New" section will provide the detailed release summary across application.

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Summary of Features released in b1908

Component Reference Number Description Configuration Type Feature Group Related KBA
LOD-SF-LMS-CON LRN-55962 Previously, the connector used to display only the count of records that were tagged for insert/update/delete.
The reason to tag a record for insert or delete operation is straightforward.
But, for the update scenario several entities are involved and this results in delta-tagging.
We have now introduced an additional connector-log entry that captures the primary cause of delta-tagging.
The admin can now see the distribution of entities that caused the records to be tagged for an update operation.
Universal Connectors 2824832
LOD-SF-LMS-CON LRN-55961 Admin can now view the warnings/errors of any connector execution in progress,
and take corrective actions immediately instead of waiting for the connector-run to finish.
This option is available under the View-Results along with the Current-Connector status.
As part of the connector logs the admin can now see correlation between the fields processed,
as part of the input file versus the field mapping in the connector configuration.
Also, the logs display configuration changes that may affect the current connector run.
Universal Connectors 2824832
LOD-SF-LMS-NOT LRN-38641 Some of the Notification Syntax Tag descriptions for Learning overdue and Learning expiration
have been updated to enable the admin to distinguish them easily.
Universal Notifications 2825534
LOD-SF-LMS-CON LRN-32076 Before Q3 2019, the completions for the imported learning history connector were inadvertently published through
the learning completion event publishing feature. With this update, learning history completions are no longer part of the
published learning events.
You can obtain this data directly from its external sources.
Universal Connector 2824824

Noticeable Fixes in b1908

Component Reference Number Issue Symptom Issue Reported  Fix/Patch

Certificate Templates > Add Image > "Upload File" and "Close" buttons don't work


b1905 Patch 3
(2nd June, 2019)

Instructor Scheduled Classes view seems to be overlapped.
Some sections of the Instructor view showed overlapping information.



Error when clicking on Curricula section of the User in Admin End.
For more information, please refer to this KBA - 2686158


b1905 Patch 5
(14th June, 2019)

Recording Learning - Could not add Component Training event due to SQLException
When admins try to associate survey to item via UI and click on Apply changes in quick succession,
system ends up adding duplicate entries in PA_CPNT_SURVEY table due to which,
when survey needs to be triggered as part of record learning flow, the duplicate rows create issue.


LOD-SF-LMS-ASP LRN-59332 Assignment Profiles Synchronization APM Status showing no employee names b1905

b1905 Patch 5
(14th June, 2019)


For Connectors that failed, no records were seen when trying to see the log.
This issue was impacting all the connector runs.

b1811 b1908
LOD-SF-LMS-ADM LRN-54592 While trying to use search filters, some time the application would throw error.
This issue was happening intermittently for some customers while they used search filters.
b1902 b1908

LOD-SF-LMS-CHM LRN-55126 In Course Home page, when trying to launch course inline, the URL was displayed.
The user had to then click on the URL to launch the course content.
b1902 b1905 Patch 11
(26th July, 2019)


SuccessFactors LMS
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