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2793331 - Partition Strategy of Smart Predict in SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC)


  • Partition Strategy of Smart Predict in SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC)


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Partition Strategy

Partition Strategy is also called "Cutting Strategy" in Predictive Analytics. Refer to: Partition Strategy

A partition strategy is a technique that decomposes a training dataset into distinct subsets.
Differenct from Predictive Analytics, in Smart Predict, training dataset is decomposed into TWO distinct datasets:

  • A training subset (Estimation dataset) - Generate different models. The models generated at this stage are hypothetical.
  • A validation subset - Select the best model among those generated using the training subset, which represents the best compromise between perfect quality and perfect robustness.

The partition is performed as follows:

  • The row selection is random.
  • The training subset contains 75% of the input rows.
  • The validation contains 25% of the input rows.

How the partition strategy works when training a Predictive Model

The following graphics summarize what's happen when you click train:

Training dataset is selected from input dataset - randomly 75% of input dataset. Differenct trial version of model generated. Then validation dataset - 25% of input dataset is used to validate the trial versions, and select the best Predictive model. Refer to: Training a Predictive Model



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