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2786336 - Post Picklist Migration - Picklists duplicated with ~%1


  • After picklist migration, some picklists are duplicated with the ~%1 in the end.
  • After picklist migration, some picklists values are duplicated with ~%1 in the end.


SAP SuccessFactors HCM Suite

Reproducing the Issue

Scenario #1:

  1. Go to Admin Center > Picklist Center
  2. See that there are duplicate picklists: one with expected name and a new one with "~%1" on the name

Scenario #2:

  1. Go to Admin Center > Import and Export data
  2. Export Picklist
  3. Open the csv file, in the column named "Code", see that there are values with ~1% appended on the duplicate values


The system has duplicated the picklists or the picklist entries because those values were not an exact match between Legacy and MDF version prior to the migration.

It is not considered an exact match when one the below criteria is met:

  • Number of options is different (based on external code match)
  • Mismatch is status when external codes are same
  • Mismatch in labels when external codes are same


For each duplicated values, you will have one picklist with correct name, for example, "yesno" and another picklist as "yesno~%1".

Step #1: First, we will work with picklist "yesno" (without the ~%1) that should not have any value linked.

  1. You need to rename the external code and label of the picklist "yesno" (without the ~%1) with a different name, for example "yesno_old"
  2. To perform this step, you need to perform an Export Picklist, edit the file and perform an Import Pickslit.
    For both steps you can follow the Picklist Guide.

    NOTE: Remember to update both External Code and Label fields, otherwise, you might face issues with EC integrations.

Step #2: Updating the correct picklist, we can now work with the picklists "yesno~%1"

  1. Go to Admin Center > Picklist Center
  2. Search for a picklist with ~%1, for example "yesno~%1"
  3. Click Take Action > Make Correction
  4. Delete the character "~%1" from the External Code and label fields
  5. Click Save
  6. Once that is completed, you can then inactivate the values editted on step #1 ("yesno_old").

With this process you will not longer have duplicated picklists in your environment and the picklists that are related to MDF Objects or with other integrations, will continue to work fine.


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