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2766910 - User Permanent Purge Setup and Troubleshooting - LMS


This KB article will help users understand the purge setup and steps involved in troubleshooting within the Learning Management System.

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SAP SuccessFactors Learning Management System


  1. User Permanent Purge: Stages of Data Removal

Only inactive users can be permanently deleted. Permanent purge of inactivated Learning users is done in 2 steps:

  • Purge of data in the application tables.
  • Purge of data in the audit tables.






  1. BizX Admin Configures DRTM Master Data Purge                                  (Learning Internal Users and BizX Integrated External Learners)

What is it?

  • BizX Master Data Purge is integrated with Learning.
  • BizX Admin can configure a retention policy to permanently delete data for inactive users in all modules, including Learning, and also purge it from BizX.
  • The retention policy applies to the duration for which inactive user data should be retained in the System.
  • Purge is permanent, and once data is purged, it cannot be recovered. This process purges data for Internal Learners and integrated External Learners.

Why is it important?

Data protection and privacy laws mandate to remove users’ personal records if there is no business reason to retain such records.


  • BizX User submitting the purge request should also exist in Learning, and must have the Admin workflows View User and Delete User.
  • Refer to the guide Setting Up and Using Data Protection and Privacy on the SAP Help Portal.


  1. BizX Admin Configures Master Data Purge                                    (BizX Integrated Users)
  • Admin Center > Data Retention Management – Request type is “DRTM Master Data Purge”
  • The Master Data Purge purges user data in ALL SuccessFactors modules, including Platform.
  1.  Non-integrated User Permanent Purge                                           (Non-Integrated External Users, Admins and Instructors) 

What is it?

  • SAP SuccessFactors Learning follows a deliberate process for irrevocably deleting user data.
  • At the end of it, user data is removed from the system and cannot be recovered.
  • Follow this process as part of your data privacy practice.
  • All internal users are deleted from BizX. Native Learning-only users such as external users not integrated with Biz, admins, and instructors are purged by the Native User Deletion APM.

Why is it important?

  • Customers maintain internal policies for purging the personal data of former users from their systems.
  • These features aid customers in supporting their policies.



  • Edit Purge Deleted User Audit History Automatic Process.
  • Edit Delete Inactive Native User.
  1. Native User Deletion APM    
  • Delete inactive non-integrated External Users, Admins and Instructors.
  • Delete based on how long they’ve been inactive.
  • Related Instructors are also deleted.
  • Option to include
    • related Admins
    • standalone Instructors
  • Confirmation email confirming number of successful and failed deletions for each user type.
  • Only users with Native Deeplink User = Yes will be included.

Note: Only use this process if you have non-integrated External Learners that exist only in Learning. This process may potentially delete inactive users who were created and maintained by BizX platform.



  1. Purge Deleted User Audit History APM

Must be scheduled if BizX Master Data Purge or LMS Native User Deletion APM is enabled.

  • Purge history data for all deleted users, admins, instructors
  • Purge based on how long they’ve been deleted
  • Cannot be undone!
  • Can specify users to exclude.
  • Confirmation email confirming number of successful and failed purges for each user type.


Key Points Summary: DRTM Master Data Purge

Verify that the system has been configured based on the following:

  • MDF and RBP must be enabled in BizX to enable DRTM.
  • DRTM Master Data Purge or the Legacy DRM only delete the user from the application tables.
  • The Purge Deleted User Audit History APM must also be scheduled to purge deleted user data in the audit tables.
  • User’s LMS Admin Role must have the workflow Edit Purge Deleted User Audit History Automatic Process to manage the Purge Deleted User Audit History APM.
  • The BizX User ID for the user triggering the DRTM Master Data Purge should be the same as the LMS User ID and the same as the related LMS Admin ID.
  • BizX Admin user scheduling the DRTM Master Data Purge must have the LMS admin workflows View User and Delete User.
  • DRTM Master Data Purge and Employee Export in BizX should not be scheduled to run at the same time. If the purge job runs after the Employee Export has already generated the extract then purged users may get recreated when the Employee Export extract is processed by LMS.


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