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2765765 - Incurred Costs on Customer Sales Project Assigned to the Wrong Project Task


In the Project Cost and Revenue by Project Structure report you notice an Incurrent Cost amount of 0,00 LC for Project task XYZ-ABC (XYZ-ABC represents a Project task ID of Project XYZ; LC stands for Local Currency).

You compare the postings on Project Task XYZ-ABC with the Sales Documents - Line Items report. You add further characteristics to the report, such as Associated Source Document ID and Business Transaction and notice that the incurred costs have moved from Project task ABC to Project Task XYZ-DEF during the Expense Assignment to Sales Document transaction (XYZ-DEF represents a different Project task of Project XYZ).


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Reproducing the Issue

  1. In the Cost and Revenue work center go to the Reports- List view.
  2. Find the Project Cost and Revenue Details by Project Structure report and open it.
  3. Enter the Project ID XYZ and Accounting Period/Year in question.
  4. Press Apply.
  5. In the report find Project Task XYZ-ABC.
  6. In the ITD Incurred Cost column an amount of 0,00 LC is displayed. Here you expect a debit amount.

To analyze the incurrent costs open the Sales Documents - Line Items report, in the same work center and view as above.

In the report maintain the following characteristics in the rows in the following sequence:

  • Associated Source Document ID
  • Business Transaction
  • Project Task

You notice that for each project expense the original expense transaction appears, such as Supplier Invoice, Employee Time Calendars or Expense Reports, but also a Business Transaction of type Expense Assignment to Sales Document.

 You also notice that the Project task associated with the expense posting, XYZ-ABC,  is different to the project task associated with the Expense Assignment to Sales Document Business Transaction, XYZ-DEF.


In SAP Business ByDesign, Sales Project costs and revenues are always recognized on the Sales Order Item associated with the respective project task. With the Expense Assignment to Sales Document Business Transaction a document called Customer Project Expense List (CPEL) is generated. In the CPEL all settings of the Sales Order Item, such as associated project task or the profit center, take priority over the assignment settings of the original, incurred expense. 
This means, if the Project Task assigned to the Sales Order Item is different to the Project task on which an expense was initially incurred then the Project Task assignment will change during the Expense Assignment to Sales Document Business Transaction.

With the CPEL posting the project assignment to the original expense is offset and then connected to the Sales Order item as well as the (new) Project task in the second posting line:

Example: An Employee records time on Project Task XYZ-ABC incurring a cost of 100,00 LC.

Expense Posting (expense gets associated with the Project Task:

G/L Account Internal Services:  Credit: 100,00 LC
G/L Account Internal Services / Deferred CoGs:  Debit: 100,00 LC Project Task XYZ-ABC

CPEL Posting (in its most simple version; Expense is associated with the Sales Order item (taking priority) as well as the Project task assigned to it:

G/L Account Internal Services/ Deferred CoGs: Credit :100,00 LC* Project Task XYZ-ABC
G/L Account Internal Services   Debit: 100,00 LC  Sales Order Item GHI** Project Task XYZ-DEF (assigned to Sales Order Item GHI)

 *At this point, the incurred costs appear as 0,00 LC for Project task XYZ-ABC in the Project Cost and Revenue report.

**GHI represents the Sales Document ID.


This is expected system behaviour.

If you add a new Project Task to a Customer Sales Projects on which Costs of Sales are to be incurred it is advisable to also add a new item to the respective Sales order which you then assign to the newly created Project Task. This way, you ensure that project expenses are accounted to the right Project Task, from the point of its incurrence, its realization as Cost of goods sold up to Project Invoicing/ Revenue creation.


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