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2700395 - Server Side Integration Outlook Add- In Greyed out in Outlook


Server Side Integration Outlook add-in is Grayed out in Outlook as below



Outlook 2016, Outlook 2013, Outlook 2010.

Reproducing the Issue

Start the Outlook client you observe that server side add-in is grayed out with respective solutions.


Below are possible cases where Server Side add-in is grayed out.


Case 1

Add-In button can be grayed out when there is no e-mail selection(empty folder for example).


This is expected behavior of Add in, kindly make sure that you have selected at least one e-mail to activate the Add-In.

Case 2

  1. Make sure the add-in is installed by verifying its status in C4C.
  2. Go to e-mail Integration.
  3. In the Groupware Settings, select User.
  4. Find the affected user and press the gear icon on the top right.
  5. Press Check add-in status. Result should be as below.

Add-In status



Last version:Yes

Add-In Status was checked for



If above status are not observed, kindly reach system admin to correct these errors.


Sometimes changes to add-in commands, such as the icon for a ribbon button or the text of a menu item do not seem to take effect.


Clear the Office cache of the old versions. Delete the content of folder %LocalAppData%\Microsoft\Office\15.0\WEF (for Office 2016 it would be 16.0) and restart Outlook.


Logon to the OWA Exchange server or open the Office 365 account in a Web browser. Make sure the add-in is loading successfully. If add-in works in OWA, but doesn't load in Outlook - check the current Outlook version and make sure that the most recent updates are installed.


Refer to additional information on Microsoft page about versions


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