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2691568 - Instance Sync Tool : b1808 Release Updates


In b1808 release onwards, customers don’t need to open a support ticket to enable “Instance Synchronization” tool within their BizX systems.

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This feature is made self-adoption through “Upgrade Center”. However, to pair the SOURCE and TARGET instances, customer will need assistance from SUPPORT team to configure this in Provisioning.

Enable Instance Synchronization Tool from Upgrade Center > Recommended Upgrades > Instance Synchronization Tool Expert Self Service.

Instance Sync - Upgrade Center.png


STEP 2: Instance Pairing

When Instance Synchronization Tool is enabled on a customer's environment, next step is to setup the connection between the Source and the Target instances (Instance Pairing).

To accomplish this, customer needs to submit an incident with Support Team to establish the connection in Provisioning. Subsequently, you may reach out to your Implementation Partner/s to complete the configuration as they can also access Provisioning.

Please take note that the Instance Pairing is a one-time setup. The configuration is done from the TARGET environment. The steps to be done in Provisioning side for instance pairing can be found in KBA 2605062 - Instance Sync: Unable to find the target instance in the 'Configuration Sync Wizard' dropdown in the source instance.

NOTE: The configuration in Provisioning is done on the TARGET Instance. From the Synchronize Company Data Permission page, you can only set ONE COMPANYID which will be identified as the SOURCE INSTANCE where artifacts will be pulled from. Any changes on the instance pairing will require customer to open a support ticket.

Provisioning Sync Pairing.png


Customer experience change on Instance Synchronization Wizard

Before b1808: All instances those are paired with the source from provisioning application are shown in a dropdown for the admin to choose the target instance in order to push the configurations into.

b1808 onwards: Above single dropdown is split into three different fields -

  1. Target instance data center – Dropdown to show data center information
  2. Target instance environment – Dropdown to show environment information (Preview/Production)
  3. Target instance ID – Case sensitive textbox to enter target instance ID. This ID should be one of the paired ones done through provisioning by Support Team.

Instance Sync Wizard - [Before and After].png

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