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2684899 - How to restrict certain operators from accessing the "mail candidate" button in talent pipeline?


How to restrict certain operators from accessing the "Contact Candidate" button in talent pipeline?



Successfactors BizX Recruting module


You can modify candidate-email-permission Element and type Attribute at the end of job requisition template.

candidate-email-permission Element and type Attribute

<candidate-email-permission type="candidateEmail">

By default all operators can access the Contact Candidate button on the application record.

If the client wishes to restrict certain operators from accessing the email button,

this element can be added to the Requisition XML and only permissioned users with access to the Email button.

This can only be declared once in the Requisition XML template and cannot be permissioned by status.

XML Sample

Note this is just an example for reference, not a recommended set of configuration.


<candidate-email-permission type="candidateEmail">
<description><![CDATA[Recruiters can email candidate.]]></description>


description Element

<description><![CDATA[Recruiters can email candidate]]></description>

The description element is most useful as a brief description of what the field permission block is intended to do.

This is an optional element. Only one description element can be contained within the field-permission element.

role-name Element


The role-name element defines which operators are affected by the permission block. Each permission block supports multiple role elements.

The role-name CDATA content must contain only valid roles and relational roles such as O, R, RM, GH, etc.

For more information about valid roles, see KBA 2081595.


After you modify the candidate-email-permission in job requisition template, all operators can still see the "mail candidte" button.

However, the operator who doesn't have permission could not send a mail to candidte:


Only the operator who has permission could send mail to candidte:


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