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2684368 - BIRT Upgrade 4.3.2 (Remove Styling) - Adhoc


  • Remove Styling in Adhoc Report. 
  • Upgrade BIRT version from 2.6.0 to 4.3.2.
  • What is the functionality of "Remove Stylying" check box in Adhoc Report under General Info Tab?


  • SAP SuccessFactors Workforce Analytics
  • Adhoc Reporting
  • BIRT Upgrade


  • SAP SuccessFactors has upgraded the BIRT (Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools) add-on solution from version 2.6.0 to 4.3.2
  • This is Universal Upgrade accross all Data Centers and applies to all customers using Adhoc Reporting Framework post b1808 release. 
  • Remove Styling check box is available under General Info Tab once we Edit the Ad Hoc Report of any Subdomain Schema. 
  • This feature is available for any Ad Hoc Report of (Single domain, Cross Domain, Multidata Set Domain) any sub domain schema.
  • If there is any Date-Time related field selected in the Adhoc and if you select "Remove Styling" check box then Adhoc Report will not run. 
  • If there is no Date-Time related fields are not selected in Adhoc then we can check "Remove Styling" check box and run the Ad Hoc Report.


  • If there is any BIRT Template associated with the AdHoc Report and no date time field is selected then if you select "Remove Styling" check box then Adhoc report runs very faster. 
  • "Remove Styling" checkbox selection processes the XLSX files faster with improved memory and performance.


  • Remove Styling has the following limitations on the XLSX report format. 
  • Images are omitted. 
  • Merged cells are not allowed.
  • Structure header and footer are not supported.
  • Header formatting is removed. For example, if headers are in bold or italics, the formatting is removed. 
  • Reports are displayed in a default font type and size. For example, Calibri- size 11pt for reports with default BIRT templates). 
  • Date or date-time formatting is not applied.

Provisioning Switches:

NOTE - This is Provisioning Opt-out switch and is deselected by default (which means Remove Styling property is visible by default). No explicit action is required in provisioning.

Switch 1:

  • Login into Provisioning > Company Settings > "Switch to previous BIRT version (2.6.0) for Table (Ad Hoc) reports" > Turn on this switch > Save
  • If this switch is disabled that means BIRT Version is 4.3.2. If this switch is disabled, then "Remove Styling" Check Box will be available in Adhoc Report. 
  • If this switch is turned on in Provisioning then BIRT version will be 2.6.0 (Older Version). If this switch is enabled then "Remove Styling" Check Box will no longer be available in Adhoc Report.

Switch 2:

  • Log into Provisioning > Company Settings > "Disable 'Remove Styling' for default BIRT template reports without date/time columns" > Turn on this Switch > Save
  • If only switch 2 is turned on and Switch 1 is not turned on then BIRT Version will be on 4.3.2 but Remove Styling option will be no longer available in Ad Hoc. That means Styling will be applied on Ad hoc.

NOTE - If you want to use this Universal BIRT Upgrade (Remove Styling) then ensure "Select Generate Excel 2010 Output AdHoc Reports to enable the XLSX reports" switch is turned on in the Provisioning under Company Settings.

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