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2673591 - Advances: Configuration Tips


How to configure Advances and Eligibility Rules?


Employee Central: Advances


While configuring Advances Eligibility Rule, please keep the following points in mind:

Point 1: The rule name must be AdvancesRule. It is case-sensitive and the name and code cannot be anything else.
Point 2: The Base Object must be Eligibility For Advances.
Point 3: Rule Type should be "advances" external code from RuleType picklist.  
Point 4: A parameter should be added with Code JobInfo and Object Job Information.
Point 5: Currently this rule supports only If statement. Do not configure Then, Else If, Else.
Point 6: At present AdvancesRule is just a validation rule. It only validates which employee is eligible for which advance(s).
Point 7The rule is not added to any object/field. The system picks up the rule automatically based on the unique name/code.
Point 8: The rule does not have capacity to set values for Number of Installments, Maximum Eligibility Amount/Percentage, etc. These values should be set in Admin Center > Manage Advance Objects >  Eligibility For Advances.
Point 9: If you're setting the Amount/Percentage in the AdvancesRule, the exact same Amount/Percentage should be used in Admin Center > Manage Advance Objects >  Eligibility For Advances > Maximum Eligibility Amount/Percentage field. Otherwise, the advance will not be available for users. This setting is used to simply cross-validate that the advance's Amount/Percentage valus is set correctly as it is configured in the rule. This is an optional configuration and the behavior is similar for Number Of Installments, etc.

The following is a snippet from AdvancesRule:
For this, the configuration of Eligibility For Advances should be as following:

Point 10: If there is a business requirement that depending on different criterias (for example, based on seniority) the users should be eligible for different amount/percentage, then currently it is not possible to accomodate the requirement through one Eligibility For Advances. For each scenario, a different Eligibility For Advances should be created and the AdvancesRule should be configured accordingly.

In our following example, we have 2 Eligibility For Advances - Personal_Loan and Personal_Loan_2. For the first one, users are eligible for 10% and for the second one, users are eligible for 20%. The AdvancesRule should look like the following:

Point 11: The "Request Now" link will not appear if the user does not have the corresponding Pay Components in Compensation Information. In our example, the eligibility amount is decided based on a Pay Componnet Group (PCG)'s value.

This PCG is configured as following:

The user must have at least one of these Pay Components in his/her Compensation Information. Otherwise, "Request Now" option will not be available.

Point 12: At present the onChange rule on Advance Type field does not get executed properly if Currency is not maintained in the pay component that is selected on this field. This results in the field Pay Component Type in Eligibility for Advances not getting populated.

Point 13: There is a built-in logic that the fields calculationPercentageOn and basePayComponentGroup are conditional fields. By default calculationPercentageOn is displayed when payComponentType is of Percentage type and basePayComponentGroup is displayed when calculationPercentageOn is PAYCOMP_GROUP_ANNUALIZED. These fields are not displayed when the Advance Type is not of Percentage type.

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