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2660287 - How to silently uninstall SAP Crystal Reports ?


  • How to silently uninstall SAP Crystal Reports ?
  • Is there a parameter switch for the Crystal 2016 installer to perform a silent uninstall?   
  • We do not see any silent uninstall option in the Crystal 2016 Installation document.      


  • SAP Crystal Reports (2016 / 2013 / 2011 / 2008)
  • Supported Windows Server / desktop systems

Reproducing the Issue

  • Run silent uninstall of Crystal Reports.


The instructions for silent installation can be found under section "To run a silent installation" in "SAP Crystal Reports Installation Guide for Windows".  The same steps are also applicable for silent uninstall of Crystal Reports.

To Silently UNINSTALL Crystal Reports, follow the below steps:

  1. Copy and paste the Crystal Reports installation setup files on the client machine to any folder.
  2. Launch a "Command Prompt" window in elevated mode ('run as Administrator') and navigate to the above folder.
  3. Then Type: setup.exe -w C:\response.ini
    This runs the installer silently and either gives you futher options where you can choose to uninstall Crystal Reports (CR)which are written onto the response file  OR in case of a Crystal Reports Patch  - then you get only window which says that it will uninstall that CR patch.
  4. Depending on the optoin you receive, either choose uninstall options based on the installer prompts. 
    NOTE: The setup window disappears. Before going to next step, check taskmanager to ensure "setup.exe" and "setupengine.exe" are stopped.
  5. Then Type: setup.exe /qb -r C:\response.ini and press enter.
  6. This will run the setup process in background "silently". 
    NOTE: Again check taskmanager until "setup.exe" and "setupengine.exe" are running for sometime. Wait until they are fully stopped.
  7. Now you can check Control Panel > "Programs & Features" to confirm that the Crystal Reports install or patch are removed successfully.
  8. Replicate this on all applicable desktops by copying the installer and the response.ini file and running a scripted uninstall using the same command-line form step.5.

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