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  • Customer Reported regarding DATA PURGE feature of GDPR is not working.
  • Customer had enabled all the pre-requisite and features necessary for Data Purge. But Irrespective of other modules, Onboarding Data Purge is not working.
  • Every time when we try to purge data of Onboardees in our test system-it fails( which could be seen under Maintenance Monitor).


  • Applicable To All DataCenter
  • Onboarding Data Purge
  • GDPR.


Below Pre-Requisites should be done in a instance in order to make Onboarding Data Purge work:

1.Admin centre-upgrade centre--optional upgrades--upgrade DRTM Onboarding.

2.In RBP-Manage data purge--create data purge request ,DRTM and approve DRTM,data purge permission.

3.In RBP-Data Retention Management--DRTM master data and DRTM Onboardign candidate info=All permissions should be provided.

4.Purge can be done via country(admin centre--manage data--country and choose your country).if you edit the country by default Data Retention Enabled wil be NO for this country.
Please make the Data Retention Enabled=Yes for particular country so that you can purge candidates in that country.

5.In admin centre--manage data--DRTM onboarding candidate info and choose onboaridng candidateinfo in second drop down.List of countries will display and you can set retention period of candidates to be deleted.

6.Admin centre--data retention management--create a new purge request for onboarding module.

7.In approved requests--click on criteria and check whether purge is success.

8.Now navigate to admin centre-manage data--check OCI object of candidate and it will be deleted.


1.In superadmin--from i9 company level--check your onboarding process is associated to which level.

2.Please go to that level in ref files-corporate structure and check what is country name maintained for that level.

 3.Data retention management should be yes for that country .


  • Data Purge
  • GDPR
  • Onboarding
  • Onboarding data Purge.
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