2633949 - Missing Invoice in the Aging List for Payables Report

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2633949 - Missing Invoice in the Aging List for Payables Report


You are checking the Aging List for Payables report, however the cancellation invoice is not being considered in the report.


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Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to Payables work center.
  2. Go to Lists view.
  3. Open the Aging List for Payables report.
  4. Apply the required selection. Take Cut-off date as 31.01.2018 in this example.
  5. Run the report.

You notice that an invoice that has been canceled after the cut-off date is not being displayed. Since the cancellation is after the cut-off date, you expect the original invoice to be shown in the report.


The cancellation posting got changed to after the cut-off date, whereas the aging report considers the due clearing date from the original posting, which is before the cut-off date.

The steps that leads to such case are as follows:

  1. You posted the original invoice e.g. 10.01.2018.
  2. The invoice cancellation was then created with cancellation posting on 15.01.2018 (before cut-off date). However, the cancellation invoice got stuck as unposted source document in the General Ledger work center.
  3. Upon posting the unposted source document for the cancellation invoice, you've changed the cancellation posting to 08.02.2018 (after cut-off date) via Actions -> Post Business Transaction to Another period.

The nature of the Aging List for Payables is that it considers only the original posting date, hence the report is considering the cancellation as 15.01.2018, which is before the cut-off date and hence the original invoice is not displayed in the report as Outstanding or Due amounts.


This is the expected system behavior for the Aging List for Payables.


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