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  1. What are overrides?
  2. Where and how do you define overrides?


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  1. What are overrides?
    • Overrides allow the system to alter the attributes on a field defined in your job application XML template. These alterations can be based on the following criteria:
      • Candidate type, and
      • Country of the job requisition to which an applicant has applied
    • The most common use of overrides is to alter the "public" attribute to hide certain fields for certain types of applicants.
    • Some other field attributes, such as "required", can be altered as well.


  1. Where and how do you define overrides?
    • Field attribute overrides are defined in the job application XML template.
    • The <field-attr-override> element defines the override. This element contains the override conditions and the list of fields affected by the override. Multiple <field-attribute-override> elements can be configured in the application XML.
    • The <override> element specifies under which conditions the attribute change should take effect, and what should be changed in the attribute as a result.
    • The <description> element provides a brief description of what the field permission block is intended to do. This is an optional element. Only one description element can be contained within the field-permission element.
    • The <country> element identifies that the override takes effect when the requisition has a particular country value. Multiple country elements may be present in one override.
      • NOTE: You cannot use the asterisk (*) symbol to set up an override. This is not supported and the override won't apply.
    • The <field-attr> element declares the changes to the attribute that occur when the conditions are met.


XML Sample:

     <field-attr attribute="public" value="true" applicant="external"/>
   <field refid="veteranStatus"/>

  • In the example given above, the full content of the of the override can be read in natural language as: "On a US requisition, change the public attribute of the field veteranStatus to be "true" if the applicant is "external".

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