2623624 - "Your user account has been updated" message when trying to log in to SAP Analytics Cloud

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2623624 - "Your user account has been updated" message when trying to log in to SAP Analytics Cloud


  • User cannot logon to SAP Analytics Cloud after granting new roles to the user.
  • The following message appears:
    •  "Your user account has been updated. You will need to log on whith the following identification from now on: <E-mail>".
  • "SAML Single Sign-On" with dynamic user creation option is enabled on the Tenant.
  • "Mapping SAML Attributes to Users" is enabled on the Tenant.


  • SAP Analytics Cloud 2018.4.1
  • SAML Single Sign-On (SSO) 

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Configure "SAML Single Sign-On" using the dynamic user creation option.
  2. SAP has enabled "Mapping SAML Attributes to Users" for the custom IdP.
  3. Logon with a user A, who has never logged in to the Tenant.
  4. Notice that the logon is successful.
  5. Grant additional roles with an Admin user to user A and Save.
  6. Notice that the message appears for the user in the users menu, even though:
    "The email address has recently been changed, and it is pending until the user logs in the next time. The last email address that was used for login was <e-mail>."
  7. Try to Logon to the System with user A.
  8. Notice the error from the symptom part.


  • The mapping attribute (Example.Example@Example.com) is overwritten by another attribute (Example.Example@example.com) because of the "Mapping SAML Attributes to Users" setting, if granting a new role.
  • As any mapping attribute is case sensitive, it is not possible to log on anymore.


This issue is currently under investigation by Development.


  1. Copy the <name ID> for the particular user from Google developer tool SAML tab.
  2. Paste it in the E-Mail column for the particular user in SAP Analytics Cloud users menu.

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