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2619550 - Failed to save comments error when trying to add a Data Point Comment in SAP Analytics Cloud


The following error occurs when trying to dave a Data Point Comment in SAP Analytics Cloud:

  • Failed to save comments.

This error also appears in the Chrome F12 developer tools:

saveDatapointThreads - Error saving datapoint comments: [object Object] CommentController

  • {commentStatusCode: "error",…}
    • commentStatusCode:"error"
    • exception:{packageId: "", objectName: "",…}
      • args:[]
      • bUIMessage:false
      • bWarning:false
      • message:"dberror(Connection.prepareStatement): 257 - sql syntax error: incorrect syntax near "undefined": line 1 col 413 (at pos 413)"
      • messageId:"COMMENT_MANAGER_ERROR"
      • objectName:""
      • packageId:""
      • previous:{code: 257}
        • code:257
      • stack:"Statement@/sap/fpa/services/core/db/Connection.xsjslib:464Connection.prototype.prepareStatement@/sap/fpa/services/core/db/Connection.xsjslib:530AuthorizationDAO.prototype.getContextLeaves@/sap/fpa/services/commenting/AuthorizationDAO.xsjslib:245AuthorizationManager.prototype.interceptThreads/</</<@/sap/fpa/services/commenting/AuthorizationManager.xsjslib:154AuthorizationManager.prototype.interceptThreads/</<@/sap/fpa/services/commenting/AuthorizationManager.xsjslib:152AuthorizationManager.prototype.interceptThreads/<@/sap/fpa/services/commenting/AuthorizationManager.xsjslib:147AuthorizationManager.prototype.interceptThreads@/sap/fpa/services/commenting/AuthorizationManager.xsjslib:124CommentManager.prototype.saveDatapointThreads@/sap/fpa/services/commenting/CommentManager.xsjslib:396RestCommenting.prototype.doPost@/sap/fpa/services/commenting/RestCommenting.xsjslib:199handleRequest@/sap/fpa/services/GetResponse.xsjs:535@/sap/fpa/services/GetResponse.xsjs:584"


  • SAP Analytics Cloud 2018.4.1


The user adding the data point comment is assigned to a team and that team is specified in one of the Read and Write columns of a secured dimension (Enabled via the Data Access Control option.

28-Mar-18 10-51-21 AM.png


This issue is resolved in version 2018.5.1.

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