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2618074 - Information - Cross Environment Integration - Onboarding [Integration with BizX]


Information about cross environment integration of SAP SuccessFactors HCM and Onboarding


SAP SuccessFactors Onboarding


What are the 2 types of SAP SuccessFactors Environment?

  • Production
    • The production environment is also known as live, particularly for servers, as it is the environment that end-users directly interact with.
  • Preview
    • The preview environment is also known as development, test, or staging to other customers, the purpose of this environment is to allow human testers to exercise new and changed code via either automated checks or non-automated techniques. After the developer accepts the new code and configurations through unit testing in the development environment, the items are moved to one or more test environments. Preview environment also mirror the actual production environment as closely as possible and may have the same user information or database via an instance refresh.


Why correct a cross environment integration?

Cross environment integration are prone to intgeration issues and bugs due to different release code. Kindly note that preview environment receives the quarterly release version in advance (1 month before production release), this means that new functionality can be tested in advanced to avoid distruptions when new version is patched in production environment.

Reminder, during after release of newest version in preview if we connect Onboarding preview with BizX production then customer's may face integration related issues.



What is the recommened integration?

Customers is advised to have same environment integration for SAP SuccessFactors HMC and Onboarding.



Who can configure SAP SuccessFactors HCM and Onboarding integration?

 Please engage with an SAP Certified Partner or Professional Services/Consulting, refer to KBA: 2279979. In addition, kindly refer to KBA 2686368 to understand what are considered implementation or consulting request.

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