2617217 - Display of Geo-Location not possible in SAP Analytics Cloud

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2617217 - Display of Geo-Location not possible in SAP Analytics Cloud


  • Displaying of Geo-Location is not possible when adding a GeoMap in SAP Analytics Cloud.
  • The can be only observed only on those Tenants that have BI (Business Intelligence Standard) licenses only.


  • SAP Analytics Cloud 2018.4.1
  • Import Data Connection

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Logon to SAC.
  2. Create a model with Location Dimension.
  3. Create a Story based on the model. 
  4. Add a GeoMap.
  5. Notice that it is not possible to add the Location Dimension.


This issue is caused by a product defect.


This issue is planned to be fixed in Wave 2018.07.

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