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2616917 - How to integrate SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer (C4C) with SAP Jam


  • How to integrate SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer (C4C Work Pattern) 
  • Integrate SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer
  • SAP Jam integration with C4C


  • SAP Jam 
  • C4C
  • SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer


SAP Jam integration with SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer solution enables cross-application collaboration. It allows users to feature SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer accounts, opportunities, products, and service tickets in SAP Jam groups.


  • SAP Jam: Enterprise edition of SAP Jam tenant should be provisioned for your company with you having Jam Company Administrator access.
  • SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer: Initial setup and configuration has been performed in tenant, as per the SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer Administrator Guide. You have administrator access and know how your users were provisioned for your SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer system.
  • Cross-system authentication: User IDs or email addresses should be identical in SAP Jam and SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer.

Integration Steps:

The integration steps are also documented in this guide -

  1. Configuration on the Jam side:

    1. Under SAP Jam Admin console, go to Integrations> SAML Local Identity Provider, copy the issuer. It looks something like this:
       (Artifact A)  https://<ABCD>  (ABCD will be the value of your company id)

    2. Download out the Certificate by clicking on Download Certificate (Artifact B):

    3. (Artifact C) Now go to Integrations> OAuth Clients.
      Create a new client if not already for your c4c integration here. Then, go to View and copy out Key/secret combo.

  2. Configuration on the C4C side:

    1. c.png

    2. d.png

    3. Select your name ID format options as shown in screenshot below:

    4. Ensure these settings are saved and active as shown in screenshot:

    5. Configure oAuth settings:

      1. g.png

      2. h.png

      3. (Artifact D) is generated here as per the following screenshot. Save and exit here. 

      4. j.png


      5. L.png

      6. M.png

      7. Make sure all the settings are correct. Values from (Artifact C) gets entered here:
        NOTE: For SCI/IAS connected SAP Jam companies, Company ID in screenshot below remains empty.
        Please make sure to change the SAML nameID format and Account Name origin to your Companies values.
        At the end of this, make sure it is registered here and light is GREEN here as shown above.

      8. Once saved, ensure it is green and check marked as shown here:

      9. Now, copy the cert as shown in screenshot aftre clicking "show client signing certificate". (Artifact E) generates here:

  3. Configuration back on SAP Jam Admin console:

    1. Go to Admin console > Integrations > SAML trusted IDP > use the certificate from (Artifact E) and default name ID format from above c4c screenshots:

    2. Under External Integrations > Select Hybris Cloud for Customer per user auth, use client ID as from (Artifact D) above, as shown below:

With the integration settings above, SAP Jam feeds in C4C and generation of SAP Jam Groups from C4C side will work.


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