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This article is an overview for Talent Community E-mails on Recruiting Marketing Dashboard.


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Recruiting Dashboard users can create and send Talent Community Marketing (TCM) e-mails if the customer is using Talent Community Marketing.

To create a new Talent Community e-mail, click "Create New Email". This opens the "Email Detail" tab, where you can enter the relevant information about the marketing email. Dashboard users can perform certain batch actions on multiple selected e-mails at once.

  • Archive Selected Emails - Moves selected emails from Open to Archived.
  • Activate Selected Emails - Moves selected emails from Archived to Open.
  • Delete Selected Unsent Emails - Deletes selected emails. Only unsent emails can be deleted.
  • Clone Selected Emails with Recipient List - Clones selected emails, including the recipient list. Appends "_copy" to the cloned e-mail name.
  • Clone Selected Emails without Recipient List - Clones selected emails, not including the recipient list. 

The "Email List" tab displays a list of all emails created for the customer's site. Clock the e-mail name to open the "Email Detail" tab. After an e-mail is sent, it can no longer be edited or deleted. To deactivate an e-mail, select it by clicking the checkbox to the left of the e-mail name, then select "Archive Selected Emails" from the "Batch Actions" menu. The metrics measured for TCM e-mails (Recipient, Views, Clicks, Undeliverable and Unsubscribed) are updated multiple times in a 24-hour period.

Available filters for TCM e-mail search:

  • Name / Description - A text field that filters results based on the e-mail name or description in the Recruiting Dashboard.
  • Date Sent – Displays a predefined set of date ranges. Filters on the date the e-mail was sent.
  • Start and End – Displays the predefined set of date ranges from the period filter, or allows you to enter a customizable range.
  • Locale - Filters results on the locale of the e-mail.
  • Campaign – A text field that filters results on the campaign codes.
  • Show Archived – When checked, search results include archived emails. 

Report Fields

  • Name – The name of the e-mail. Clicking the link opens the Email Detail tab.
  • Date Sent – Date e-mail was sent.
  • Status – Displays the user-selectable option of Active or Archived. Archived emails are only displayed when the "Show Archived" checkbox is enabled.
  • Recipients – Total number of recipients. Clicking the link opens the Email Detail tab.
  • Views – Total number of recorded views. In order to record a view, the e-mail must but opened supporting HTML. Emails opened in a text-only format will not record as views.
  • Clicks – Total number of times the link in the e-mail has been clicked.
  • Undeliverable – Total number of e-mails bounced and undelivered.
  • Unsubscribed – Total number of e-mails that resulted in the recipient unsubscribing.
  • Locale – Displays the locale types used for the e-mail.
  • Campaign – Displays the e-mail campaign.
  • Description – Preview of the e-mail description. 

"Email Detail Tab" E-mail details cannot be edited once the e-mail is sent. Before the e-mail is sent, a Dashboard user can edit the body of the e-mail.

  • View Recipients – Opens Email Recipients tab and displays all current recipients.
  • Send Test Email – Defaults to the Admin User’s e-mail and can be sent to any e-mail address for a preview of how the e-mail will appear. Tracking is not done on test emails.
  • Send Email – Sends the e-mail to the selected recipients. Once sent, the e-mail cannot be recalled or edited.
  • Details
    • Name – User-entered name of the e-mail.
    • Status – User-selectable e-mail status, Open or Archived.
    • Locale – User-selectable locale identifying the locale of the e-mail. The e-mail editor defaults to the selected locale for the spell checker and other features. Only active locales display.
    • Campaign - Custom code that can be tracked in the referring URL. The maximum captured campaign code length is 100 characters. ○ CC Sender – When the checkbox is marked, the e-mail will be sent to the email’s author.
    • Description – Editable field that provides the details of the e-mail. This field is not required and is not viewable to recipients.
    • From Display - Editable field that displays the text of who the e-mail is from. By default, the company name displays.
    • From Address - Displays the e-mail address that will appear on the e-mail. This field cannot be edited.
    • Reply-to Display - Editable field that displays the text of the e-mail in the reply-to message. The default is the User who created the e-mail.
    • Reply-to Address - Recipient address for reply to e-mails. Bounced emails and unsubscribed recipients are excluded. The default is the User’s e-mail that created the TCM e-mail. If an e-mail is used, a valid e-mail format is required. This field can be left blank; however, no one will receive replies.
    • Subject – Editable field for the e-mail subject.
    • Body – Editable field contains the e-mail body. This will be displayed in the HTML format.
  • Email Recipients -  Displays the list of intended e-mail recipients. Once the e-mail is sent, the list cannot be edited. 
    • Find New Recipients - Opens the Members tab, allowing the Dashboard user to query and select specific members or groups.
    • Add Recipients by Group – Selecting a group adds current members of the group as recipients.
    • Remove Selected Recipients- Removes selected or all recipients from the e-mail.

The following filters are available for the Email Recipients search:

    • Email - A text field that filters results based on the member’s e-mail.
    • First Name – A text field that filters results based on the member’s first name.
    • Last Name – A text field that filters results based on the member’s last name.
    • Viewed – User selectable option to choose between: All, Viewed, or No Activity.
    • Clicked – User selectable option to choose between: Clicked and No Activity.

The Email Recipients search returns the member's first name, last name, e-mail view count and e-mail click count. 

For unsent e-mails and new TCM e-mails, clicking Edit Body opens the e-mail editor in a new view. The e-mail editor provides formatting tools and will automatically format the e-mail using HTML.

You can add images to the e-mail, but the maximum e-mail size is 500KB per image.

You can copy and paste available tokens from the list in the right side of the editor. The Unsubscribe token is required for Employee Referral, Past Applicant, Subscription, EmployeeReferralWeclome, PastApplicantWelcome and SubscriptionWelcome e-mails.

You cannot save the e-mail without including the unsubscribe token. Clicking Check Spelling will spell-check the email in its configured locale. Click Close Editor to save changes and exit the editor. Click Preview Body to open an HTML view of the e-mail body.

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