2613714 - Unable to access Models and error Cannot read property 'setPeriods' of undefined in SAP Analytics Cloud

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2613714 - Unable to access Models and error Cannot read property 'setPeriods' of undefined in SAP Analytics Cloud


When trying to view a Model, the application hangs and cannot be viewed.

The below error is also logged in the Chrome Developer Tools (F12) console:

Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: Cannot read property 'setPeriods' of undefined
at constructor.setMonthDescr (app.chunk.modeller-chunk.c6690ff874f66c3e840c.js:1)
at Object._oChildren._setData (app.chunk.modeller-chunk.c6690ff874f66c3e840c.js:1)
at constructor.bindLoad (app.chunk.modeller-chunk.c6690ff874f66c3e840c.js:1)
at constructor.o (app.chunk.modeller-chunk.c6690ff874f66c3e840c.js:29)
at constructor._setTimeDimension (app.chunk.modeller-chunk.c6690ff874f66c3e840c.js:29)
at constructor.onInit (app.chunk.modeller-chunk.c6690ff874f66c3e840c.js:29)
at f.a.fireEvent (EventProvider-dbg.js:229)
at f.a.fireEvent (Element-dbg.js:593)
at f.fireAfterInit (ManagedObjectMetadata-dbg.js:426)
at f.c._initCompositeSupport (View-dbg.js:373)
setMonthDescr @ app.chunk.modeller-chunk.c6690ff874f66c3e840c.js:1
_oChildren._setData @ app.chunk.modeller-chunk.c6690ff874f66c3e840c.js:1
bindLoad @ app.chunk.modeller-chunk.c6690ff874f66c3e840c.js:1
o @ app.chunk.modeller-chunk.c6690ff874f66c3e840c.js:29
_setTimeDimension @ app.chunk.modeller-chunk.c6690ff874f66c3e840c.js:29
onInit @ app.chunk.modeller-chunk.c6690ff874f66c3e840c.js:29
a.fireEvent @ EventProvider-dbg.js:229
a.fireEvent @ Element-dbg.js:593
(anonymous) @ ManagedObjectMetadata-dbg.js:426
c._initCompositeSupport @ View-dbg.js:373
(anonymous) @ ManagedObject-dbg.js:427
constructor @ ManagedObject-dbg.js:450
constructor @ Element-dbg.js:99
constructor @ Control-dbg.js:103
f @ Metadata-dbg.js:346
f @ Metadata-dbg.js:346
sap.ui.view @ View-dbg.js:837
(anonymous) @ app.chunk.11.slice_of_main-chunk.95b577178f722b50c531.js:1
Promise.then (async)
(anonymous) @ app.chunk.11.slice_of_main-chunk.95b577178f722b50c531.js:1
(anonymous) @ app.chunk.11.slice_of_main-chunk.95b577178f722b50c531.js:1
Promise.then (async)
(anonymous) @ app.chunk.11.slice_of_main-chunk.95b577178f722b50c531.js:1
t @ app.main.bdac9eeb28510151c37a.js:1
getComponent @ app.chunk.11.slice_of_main-chunk.95b577178f722b50c531.js:1
_openView @ app.chunk.7.slice_of_main-chunk.2520274ba075ef8e535f.js:1
navigateTo @ app.chunk.7.slice_of_main-chunk.2520274ba075ef8e535f.js:1
navigateTo @ app.chunk.main-chunk.9e4156e7153d2692ef81.js:11
navigateTo @ app.chunk.main-chunk.9e4156e7153d2692ef81.js:17
goToModelDetail @ app.chunk.modeller-chunk.c6690ff874f66c3e840c.js:1
sap.fpa.ui.modeller.listHelper.controller.clickRowEvent @ app.chunk.61.slice_of_common-chunk.d4b44d25e15ad7961c8a.js:1
p @ jquery-dbg.js:497
P @ Control-dbg.js:361
dispatch @ jquery-dbg.js:4737
c3.handle @ jquery-dbg.js:4549


  • SAP Analytics Cloud 2018.4

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Click the model name.
  2. The application spins.


This issue is resolved in version 2018.4.2 (client)

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