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2611112 - Expense on Customer Sales Project Associated With the Wrong Project Task


An employee has recorded time on Project task XYZ-XX of Customer Sales Project XYZ (XYZ represents the Project ID; XYZ-XX represents the Project task on which the time was initially recorded).

Eventually, this expense got realized on the respective expense account for Internal Service Confirmations. However, the time recording is no longer associated with Project Task XYZ-XX but now realized on Project Task XYZ-YY (XYZ-YY represents a different task of Project XYZ).


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Reproducing the Issue

In general, two Business Transactions are generated for Expenses of Customer Projects with Sales Integration:

  • First, the Internal Service confirmation generated with the Employee Time Calendar creation.
  • Secondly, this Expense then gets assigned to the respective project-based Sales Order item; The Customer Project Expense List (CPEL) is generated. This can happen automatically or manually should the system not be able to identify the respective Sales Order item automatically.

In this scenario no accrual method is assigned to the Sales Order item. Hence, it is expected to realize all incurred project costs on the respective Expense Account as soon as they are posted and connected to the respective Sales Order item.

To find both Business Transactions,

  1. Navigate (for instance) to the Cost and Revenue work center and here to the Reports - List view.
  2. Find the Sales Documents - Line Items report.
  3. Enter all the mandatory data.
  4. In the Project field, enter Project XYZ.
  5. Press Go.
  6. Now add Associated Source Document ID to the Rows and filter for Employee Time Calendar XXX (XXX represents the ID of the Internal Service Confirmation).
  7. Press Go.
  8. Now add further characteristics to the Rows and sort all characteristics as follows (All other characteristics can be removed from the current report selection):
  • Associated Source Document ID
  • Business Transaction
  • Journal Entry ID
  • Project Task
  • G/L Account

Two Business Transactions have been generated for the Expense: The Expense Assignment to Sales Document (the CPEL posting) and the Internal Service Confirmation.

You notice, the Employee Time Calendar XXX is associated with Project task XYZ-XX. But the Expense Assignment is associated with project task XYZ-YY, realized on the Expense Account for Internal Service Confirmations.


Costs and Revenues recorded for Customer Sales Projects are always realized on the Project task associated with the Sales Order item to which the expenses have been assigned during CPEL generation.

In this case, the expense of time recording XXX gets associated with project task XYZ-YY because the sales order item to which this expense is getting assigned to during the CPEL creation is associated with this project task. Therefore, the project task from the time recording shifts from task XYZ-XX over to XYZ-YY with the Expense assignment/ realization.

To check this behavior look at the Sales Document Items report again:

Use the same characteristics and sorting as above and then add the Associated Sales Order and Item characteristic to the rows: You can see that Sales Order item ABC-AA (ABC-AA represents the Sales Order item ID) has been assigned to the expense [Another way to check the assignment, would be to directly look at the Journal Entry of the Expense Assignment (CPEL) posting].

To find out/ double-check which project task is associated with the assigned Sales Order item

  1. Go to the Cost and Revenue work center and here to the Sales Document Items view.
  2. By default you can search for Sales Order items.
  3. Into the Find field, enter the Sales Order item ID ABC-AA.
  4. In the Details area navigate to the Associated Objects tab.
  5. Here you can see the Project ID as well as the Project task XYZ-YY associated with Sales Order item ABC-AA.


Whenever a project-based sales order item is being created the system automatically generates an Assignment Rule for the respective project task- sales order item connection, lets say Sales Order item ABC-AA and project task XYZ-YY. This way, whenever time is recorded, or any other expense is associated with, project task XYZ-YY then Sales Order item ABC-AA will be automatically assigned to this expense via the CPEL generation.

To identify all automatically generated rules

  1. Go to the Project Management work center and here to the Invoice Preparation - Not Invoiced Times and Expenses view.
  2. In the find field enter project ID XYZ.
  3. Click Edit Time and Expenses.
  4. In the Edit Time and Expenses screen click Edit Assignment Rules and select View All Rules.
  5. Now look for project task XYZ-YY.
  6. You will see a rule for this task connecting it with Sales Order item ABC-AA.

As a result,

  • All time recordings/ incurred expenses on project task XYZ-YY will be automatically assigned to Sales Order item ABC-AA.
  • All time recordings/incurred expenses on different project task, for example, XYZ-ZZ, which are manually assigned to Sales Order item ABC-AA will be realized on project task XYZ-YY as this is the project task associated with Sales Order item ABC-AA.

This means, if project costs from time recordings (or any other expenses, for example, expense reports, goods receipts, supplier invoice items) are to be realized on the project tasks for which the expense was incurred, or on any specific project task of your choice, you need to ensure that the expense gets assigned to the Sales Order item which is associated with this exact project task.

If you, for instance create a new project task, XYZ-XX, in project XYZ  then you need to create a new Sales Order Item which you then assign to this new project task XYZ-XX.

Or, if you want certain project expenses to be realized on a specific sales order item, that is, project task then you need to create a new Assignment rule to ensure that all such expenses get assigned to the same sales order item/project task:

  1. In the Edit Time and Expenses screen click again on Edit Assignment Rules and select View Assignment Rules.
  2. Press Add Row.
  3. Enter the project task of your choice and then enter the respective sales order item which shall be assigned to all expenses incurred on the chosen project task.
  4. Ensure that this new, manually created rule, takes priority over any other rules for the selected project task as the assignment rules are being used in a hierarchical order.
  5. You can define further details to specify the automatic sales order item assignment, such as the expense type under Source, a specific Employee and/ or Product.

Now, whenever an expense is incurred for the defined project task (in combination with any further details) the respective Sales Order item will be automatically assigned.

If you need already existing, not yet invoiced expenses to be reassigned according to the new rule choose the button Apply Assigned Rule and select one of the given choices to either apply the rule to all items, all items without any assignment or just certain selected items..


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