2605498 - IP addresses for SuccessFactors API - preview and production - All datacenters

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2605498 - IP addresses for SuccessFactors API - preview and production - All datacenters


You are trying to find the API IP addresses from our SuccessFactors servers (preview and production).


SuccessFactors API (OData and SFAPI)



Data Center Production Bizx API External IP for Production Preview Bizx API External IP for Preview SNAT IP
DC02 https://api2.successfactors.eu https://api2preview.sapsf.eu NA
DC04 https://api4.successfactors.com https://api4preview.sapsf.com
DC08 https://api8.successfactors.com https://api8preview.sapsf.com
DC10 https://api10.successfactors.com https://api10preview.sapsf.com
DC12 https://api012.successfactors.eu https://api12preview.sapsf.eu
DC15 https://api15.sapsf.cn NA NA
DC16 https://api16.sapsf.eu NA NA NA
DC17 https://api17.sapsf.com https://api17preview.sapsf.com
DC18 https://api18.sapsf.com https://api18preview.sapsf.com
DC19 https://api19.sapsf.com https://api19preview.sapsf.com


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