2603254 - Hyperlink does not work properly when using Reverse Proxy in SAP Analytics Cloud

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2603254 - Hyperlink does not work properly when using Reverse Proxy in SAP Analytics Cloud


  • When clicking on the hyperlink to open the linked story on another page, the Story opens under the Public URL.
  • It happens even if the linked Story was created using Live Data Connection via Reverse Proxy.


  • SAP Analytics Cloud 2018.2.2
  • Reverse Proxy

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Logon to SAC via the Reverse Proxy URL. 
  2. Create at least two Story based on Live Data Connection.
  3. Apply the following hyperlink settings in one of the Stories: 
  4. Click on the created Hyperlink to open the linked Story on another page.
  5. Notice that the Story opens under the Public URL instead of the Reverse Proxy URL: 
  6. Even if entering the correct credentials the chart/tables will never be rendered because not the Reverse Proxy URL is used.


  • This issue is caused by a product defect.


  • This issue is planned to be fixed in Wave 2018.06.


  1. In the hyperlink settings choose the "Link To" option to "External URL". 
  2. Copy paste the URL of the another Story.
  3. Jumping to the other Story now opens under the Reverse Proxy URL.

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