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2599498 - Approval Task Details data source


When conditions in the approval process step(s) are met, task(s) are created for the employee(s) responsible, which the employee responsible can then approve/reject. You would like to analyze the time it takes at each step to approve a document and explore the possibility to reduce the time taken. Scenarios could include:

  • Who are the approvers who take more time to approve the document ?
  • Who needs a follow-up ?
  • What percentage of approvals get rejected  ?
  • How many approvals get corrected before getting approved ?

This can now be achieved by using the Approval Task Details data source. A report created out of the steps mentioned below would list all the approval tasks corresponding to a business document configured for MSA, from which information can be gathered.


  • SAP Hybris C4C
  • SAP Business ByDesign


The data source Approval Task Details should always be used as a joined data source along with application created data source. Application created data source should act as an anchor data source. Approval Task Details data source should never be consumed independently since it does not show any data on its own. Also, if the business documents are not enable for Multi-Step Approval process, then the report will never work.

For example:

Purchase order and supplier invoice are registered for Multi-Step Approval and the corresponding data source for the same is listed below, which should be set as an anchor data source.

  • Approval of Purchase orders – Data source available for Purchase order header data.
  • Approval of non-PO invoices – Data source available for Supplier invoice header data.


  1. Go to the Business Analytics work center, Design Data Sources view


  1.  Create a joined data source


  1. Add Purchase Order Header Data source as anchor and select the necessary fields required for constructing the report as shown below




  1. Once the anchor data source is added, add the Approval Task Details data source and choose the necessary fields which must be displayed in the report as shown below





  1. Remove the UUID attribute of the Approval Task Details data source


  1. Create a join between the Purchase Order ID (UUID) and the UUID from the Approval Task Details data source:


On the created data source, create a report which will fetch all approval tasks for the purchase order(s).

  1. Go to Business Analytics work center, Design Reports view.
  2. After you have created the new report face (e.g. Purchase Order Approval Task), select all the required key, characteristics and complete the report creation guided activity



  1. Execute the report to fetch the approval tasks for the purchase orders, where you can find all the necessary details



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