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2596856 - How Rounding Off Works for Net Value and Net Price in Sales Order


You find Net Value calculated in Sales Order doesn't match the calculation formula as:

Quantity*Net Price=Net Value.

Example: The item is displayed with List Price= 1,380 JPY,Quantity = 2 Each,Discount= 38%,Net Price= 856 JPY,Net Value= 1,711 JPY.

You expect a Net Value as 1,712 JPY (2*856 JPY).


SAP Business ByDesign


The calculation of Net Price and Net Value follows a certain calculation schema using the assigned currency of the number of decimals and Rounding Value.

This can be found by following the steps as below:

  1. Go to Business Configuration Work Center
  2. Choose respective Implementation Projects.
  3. Click Open Activity List and go to Fine-Tune sub tab
  4. Show All Activities and find Currencies

Based on the assigned currency rules, system firstly calculate Net Value using calculation formula:(List Pirce * Quantity)-(List Price*Quantity*Discount%)= Net Value.

In this case, the Net Value is calculated as

(1,380 JPY*2)-(1,380 JPY*2*38%)=1,711.2 JPY.

Here rounding rules has been applied which leads to the display value with 1,711 JPY.

Based on the calculated Net Value and quantity, system secondly calculate Net Price using calculation formula: Net Value(after applying rounding rule)/Quantity= Net Price.

In this case, the Net Price is calculated as

1,711 JPY/2= 855.6 JPY.

Here rounding rules has been applied which leads to the display value with 856 JPY.

This is aimed to minimize the difference between the rounded value with the actual value.


If you want to change the Display Decimals or the calculation formula, it is a system change request and has to be submitted in Customer Influence Portal - SAP Business ByDesign.


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