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2595664 - Employee Time Calendar table is not available in Realms


 EmployeeTimeCalendar table is not available in Realms version


  • Successfactors HCM Core
  • Advanced Reporting - Report Canvas 

Reproducing the Issue

  1.  Go to Analytics ( Reporting )
  2. Advanced Reporting ( Report Center - Report Canvas )
  3. Select Time Management
  4. There is only : EmployeeTime and TimeAccount
  5. No Employee Time Calendar available


There is no 'Employee Time-Time Calendar' is not available in Advanced Reporting as this is regarded as a rule within Employee Central. This information is not considered to reportable as all this information is available in the Employee Time record.


There is a workaround : To have similar content as in Employee Time Calendar:Create a report with TimeAccountDetail as driving table with the setting below.

Create New Query:

  1. Go to Analytics ( Reporting – Report centre)
  2. Advanced Reporting ( Report Canvas )
  3. Time Management
  4. Select : TimeAccount (Label) >
  5. Select TimeAccountDetail ( TimeAccount > TimeAccountDetail )
  6. Add fields: bookingAmount, bookingDate, bookingUnit, lastModifiedDate
  7. Select EmployeeTime ( TimeAccount > TimeAccountDetail > EmployeeTime)
  8. Add fields: approvalStatus, endDate, startDate
  9. Select Employment > Global Job Information
  10. Add fields: Business Unit (Label), Department (label), First Name and LastName.

Report layout.png

Next step: Change all join from left-join to inner join ( this will help to select TimeAccountDetail as Driving Table)

Change join to inner.png

Next step: Set Date Options:

Change Date Options following setting below:

  1. Driving table: TimeAccountDetail
  2. Date Type: Date Range ( On Start Date)
  3. Date Range: Current Month
  4. Use Custom Columns (check)
  5. Start Date Column: bookingDate
  6. Selectable At Runtime: (check)
  7. Relates Table Options
  8. Date Type: Driving Table Start Date

Date options.png

Preview the report to see the result.

Note that these steps are just an example, it can be adjusted to suit customers desired output

Remark 1:  The result list will contain one line per day of absence. If you prefer a more aggregated view you may define a pivot query on top of the list query.

Remark 2:  In TimeAccountDetail absences are stored with negative sign. If you prefer displaying the values with positive sign you may define a calculated column in which you multiply the “booking amount” by (-1).


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