2595566 - Unable to Select Correct Business Partner (Attendees) in Visit

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2595566 - Unable to Select Correct Business Partner (Attendees) in Visit


When you add Attendees to Vsits, the Address Information is missing in some cases. It is not possible to select the correct Contact/Business Partner.

Reproducing the Issue

1. Visits work center
2. Visits view
3. Select a Visit
4. Navigate to the Attendees facet
5. Select the Add button
6. Choose the OVS in the Name field
7. Search for the Business Partner/Contact (Example: "Michael Müller")

Could see that the Address is missing for some of BP which are Contact Person. Address for Contact person is derived from Account but which will not reflect in respective BP

Is there a way of making the Address of the contact visible in the Attendee OVS??


When you add a business partner(with no address), it is only when you choose/select a row and click on add button, it that the relationship/role contact is determined, that is why the address of the contact can't be displayed against a business partner. It is a generic Value Selection.

Even if you maintain relationship separately the logic to determine the relationship would not execute when the Value Selection is loaded. It is only after you select a contact and hit add button, the relationship is determined and based on the relationship, address is displayed.


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