2586848 - Talent Pool Information Missing from Successor Portlet

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2586848 - Talent Pool Information Missing from Successor Portlet


  Talent Pool Information Missing from Successor Portlet in Employee Profile V12


 SuccessFactors BIZX: Succession

Reproducing the Issue

1.  Go to Employee File

Step 1.png

2. Select "Scorecard" as the Employee Record

Step 2.png

3. The Talent Pool information within the Successor Portlet is empty.

Step 3.png


  • The selected users "Job Code" has not been added to any Talent Pools in Families and Roles.
  • The Successor Portlet will display the name of the Talent Pools that the users Job Code has been added to along with the number of Successors for that Talent Pool.
  • Talent Pools that the user has been nominated for will not be displayed in the Successor Portlet, these will be displayed in the Nomination Portlet.


1.  Search for "Families and Roles" in the Admin Centre Tool Search

Families and Roles.png

2. Select the desired "Family"

Select Family.png

3. Select the desired "Role"

Select Role.png

3. Select "Edit Properties"

Edit Properties.png

4. Select the "Talent Pool"

  a. Add the Job Code of the employee.

  b. Select Save & Close

Add Job Code.png


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