2585888 - RMK Site Setup: LinkedIn API - PARTNERS ONLY

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2585888 - RMK Site Setup: LinkedIn API - PARTNERS ONLY


When using social apply, social subscribe, or the business card LinkedIn integration, API keys need to be set up with the social network requested.  Below are the instructions for how to retrieve these.

How to configure the business card to enable social subscribe and social apply will be covered in a separate document.  The baseline configurations outlined here will enable Facebook or LinkedIn to be used on the socialmatcher or with any other social integration used by RMK/RCM integrations as product releases them.  In order to configure LinkedIn integration on the business card or social subscribe and social apply, work needs to be done within the Talent Community Setup XML.


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  1. Sign into https://developer.linkedin.com/
  2. Go to My Apps
  3. Select "Create Application"
  4. Enter all the required fields.


5. Click on Submit and your API Key will be provided.


6. You can input this API Key for the client by logging into their workspace in the environment you’re working in (Command Center).

a. Navigate to Site > Site Setup > Social Settings

b. Put the API Key in the field noted, and put the client name in Company Alias.  If this is in stage, please add clientname + Stage so that it is clear when loading. For most clients, all of the values below will be checked (unless they do not want socialmatcher).

c. Save and reload the site.


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