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The Recruiting Marketing platform (RMK) is designed to help clients optimize their job marketing spend by tracking and reporting on activity from their job seekers. One attribute of tracking uses a standard internet practice of capturing the IP address of the site visitor. The IP Address is used in RMK to determine the publicly available information associated with the IP address and therefore may include Country, Region/State, City, Host Name, and Lat/Long coordinates for the address.

Recent legislation has determined IP Address could be considered Personal Identifiable Information (PII) because of the ability to cross reference the publicly available information associated with the IP address with other information to determine the identity of an individual. RMK associates the IP address with Visitors to determine the country and US State of the visitor and associates the additional information mentioned above with the Talent Community Members when available.

This article explains the use of IP Address within the Recruiting Marketing Platform and the available option to prevent capturing IP Address and how it will impact the use of the system.


Companies with operations or with jobs in countries that consider IP Address Personal Identifiable Information (PII).


  • Internet Protocol (IP) Address - Numeric value assigned to a computer that is used to establish communication between devices.
  • Personal Identifiable Information (PII) - Any piece of information that can be used to identify an individual.


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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs


  • If an existing/active site has turned off capturing IP Address will the system remove the IP information from existing Visitor and TC Member records?

No, the configuration to capture or not capture IP address does not change existing/historical data within the RMK system.

  • If the site has historical records that contain IP information is there a way to remove the IP data from those records?

Yes, a script can be run by the Data Center Operations team but must be scheduled with that team.

  • Does RMK use data provided by Google Analytics including IP Address data to populate data in the Recruiting Dashboard and/or Advanced Analytics?

No, the RMK platform uses a different capture mechanism to gather data for reporting.

  • Can the IP Address in RMK be truncated to remove the last octet of the address (group of numbers)?

No, at this time  the only option to be complaint with tracking IP Address information is to prevent the capture of IP Address on the RMK site.

  • Adding the standard Google Analytics JavaScript to a site from Command Center: Can Google Analytics be configured to remove the last octet of the address (group of numbers) when being configured on the site?

No, at this time the controls that place the Google Analytics JavaScript code on the RMK site is not configurable to use the Google Analytic IP Truncate option.

  • Does the feature to prevent capturing IP Address impact server logs used to manage the datacenter and application?

No, the feature to stop capturing IP Address only prevents the capture in the business logic part of the Recruiting Marketing Platform. System and server logs will still capture IP Address. This data is essential to ensure the security and availability of the application and a core component of using the internet.

  • If the system is storing the IP Address for Visitors is the actual IP Address visible to users of the Recruiting Dashboard?

No, the IP Addresses stored with a visitor is only stored in the database and not accessible by users of the Recruiting Dashboard.

Recruiting Dashboard and Advanced Analytics

  • Are there future plans to allow reports to provide data by Geography?

Yes, Product Management is aware of the impact not tracking IP Address has on clients wishing to view their data by Country and in some situations by State. The primary goal of the first phase was to ensure our clients compliance with local and regional legislation by quickly providing a mechanism to prevent the capture of IP Address. As of August, 2014 preliminary discussions have occurred about options to update the RMK system to provide data visibility by geographic information but no official dates are available. Please view the Recruiting Product Roadmap regarding potential future dates.

  • Are there other options to view information by geography?

Yes, the Talent Community Members Search provides other data that can be searched to determine general activity by geography. Specifically a search can be run to filter on location data associated to the TC Members Job Agents and/or location data associated to jobs they have started their apply with in the RMK platform.

  • Is there a way to hide the Country and/or State filters for reports in the Recruiting Dashboard?

Not at this time.

  • Is there a way to hide the Map reports that use IP data to populate activity on a map in the Recruiting Dashboard?

Not at this time.

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