2582940 - getReportVOByName error

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2582940 - getReportVOByName error


When trying to upload an existent custom report, the system throws an extensive error. The error headline contains "Exception occurred in getReportVOByName".


Learning Management System

Reproducing the Issue

In the LMS admin side, click on:

   1. Reports >
   2. Import >
   3. choose file >
   4. Select >
   5. the error is thrown.


The error presented had been already identified and a general fix for it will released. The fix will correct the data and will prevent the error from happening further.

The fix will be available in the production environment in the 1802 release due on April 7, 2018. The 1802 release will be available in stage on March 10, 2018. Please confirm in your production or stage instance to test that it is working as expected after the release.

Meanwhile, a possible workaround to try to upload the custom report is below. In the LMS admin side:

    1. access the Reports page >
    2. open the edit window (pencil icon) for the overriding report >
    3. unpublish it and save it.
    4. try to import the custom report once more.

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