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2581446 - "Search for users" shows different behaviour in mobile and web search.


Users are not searchable in mobile, user search showing different result in mobile and web.


Is it possible let Web and mobile search are functioning same for all the users ?


Successfactor mobile app

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Login to mobile app.
  2. Search for any user.
  3. User is not searchable on mobile app however the same user can be searched via web.


Mobile search's implementation is different from web search. The search framework for mobile is not only depends on user search permission but also depends on few additional permission based on the type of user.

1. If an user has "Employee Export" permission, this kind of user is normally admin user. For such users ,search scope is only limited to the target population of "Employee Export" Permission.

2. For non admin user (without "Employee Export" permission), the search functionality will not work if Status field view permission is not given under Employee Data Permission.


In web, the user's search scope is from target group of "User Search" permission however behavior is different in case of mobile framework and depends on type of users.

1. User with "Employee Export" Permission:

To make the search on mobile has the same results as web's, please follow below steps:

  • Suppose the permission role "Role A" is having "User Search" permission and target population for "Rola A" is "Group A".
  • Make sure that permission role which is having "Employee Export" Permission have "Group A" in its target population.

By doing so, we are making sure that both "User Search" and Employee export permission are having same target population which will keep the search result identical to web search.




2. User without employee export permission :

For other user without "Employee Export" permission,

  • Make sure that user has "User Search" permission granted.
  • Make sure that user has view permission to employee data fields where "Status" field is mandatory configuration.




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