2579672 - Slow loading of the Succession Org Chart

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2579672 - Slow loading of the Succession Org Chart


Loading of the Succession Org Chart takes a long time.



Reproducing the Issue

  1. Click on Succession from the Home dropdown menu
  2. Loading of a user takes a long time to load
  3. Searching for a user takes a long time load


The Succession Org Chart (SOC) will take longer to load for users higher up in the company hierarchy than it will for users lower down in the hierarchy.

  • For example: if you search for the CEO of a company, they will have Direct Reports, who in turn will also have Direct Reports and the SOC will calculate them and their positions. It is also calculating the team size for each position. 
  • By comparison; if you search for somone at the bottom/ beginning of the company hierarchy, it will load faster as there is very little data being pulled in. E.g. no Direct Reports, team size or positin data is being pulled in (beyond the user's own position data). 


To speed up the loading time you can disable total team size being pulled into the SOC. To to this go to:
Admin Center >

  1. Org Chart Configuration >
  2. Succession Org Chart >
  3. Check the box for 'Hide total team size for faster loading' >
  4. Save >
  5. Log out >
  6. Clear cache and when you log back in the loading should be faster

However, please note that for larger organizations, it can still take 15 - 20 seconds to load for users high up in the company hierarchy. This is expected behavour.

See Also

With each release we strive to improve the performance of the SOC. However, these improvements will only have a slight influence when loading users with a lot of data in the system.

If you are using Succession Org Chart v11, we recommend upgrading to Succession Org Chart v12 as functional enhancements will only be made to the v12 version, and as of Q2 2018 v11 will no longer be maintained. See KBA in Reference section for further information on this.


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