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2578870 - Connector - Content Object Sequence in Item Online Content section


  • How to replace a content object within the Online Content keeping the Content Object Sequence Structure.


  •  Learning Management System - Connector


  • You have to order the records in such a way so as to create the root folder first, then the rest of the subfolders and content objects.
  • The entire structure needs to be passed for both initial creation and updates to the content hierarchy.
  • Here’s an example of how the structure is built (refer to the attachment as well), assuming that you are using folders and sub-folders:
    • First specify the main folder that is ‘MAINROOT’ with module_type as 0 (0 marks it as a folder); PARENT_MODULE_NAME should be null.
    • Then create a sub folder under ‘MAINROOT’ as ‘MAINROOT-SUB1’. Again the module_type is 0 but the PARENT_MODULE_NAME is ‘MAINROOT’.
    • Finally specify the content object details that go into sub folder ‘MAINROOT-SUB’, with MODULE_TYPE as 1 and PARENT_MODULE_NAME as ‘MAINROOT-SUB1’.
    • If you also want to insert content object under folder ‘MAINROOT’ you have to specify the PARENT_MODULE_NAME as ‘MAINROOT’ in the last step above.
  • APP_ID is required for content objects only. It should not be provided for folders.
  • The sorting for numbers in the SEQUENCE_NO column apply only within the context of each folder. For example: if in FOLDER1 (sequence number 1) I have content objects A and B with sequence numbers 5 and 6, and in FOLDER2 (sequence number 3) I have content objects C and D with sequence numbers 2 and 4, the end result will be:
    • FOLDER1
      • A
      • B
    • FOLDER2
      • C
      • D
  • Finally, NODE_NO holds the sequence of the objects and folders(i.e. the sequence_no) and NODE_LEVEL holds the level or the object and folders in the hierarchy. These fields are populated by themselves, you shouldn’t feed them in.


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