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2575330 - Error pop up while clicking Hire button in Manage Pending Hire/Recruit - Onboarding


Error Message received while hiring a candidate from Manage Pending Hire


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Reproducing the Issue

  1. Navigate to Manage pending Hire;
  2. Click Hire button for impacted candidate as this can be issue with one candidate or with more also
  3. Error pop up and fingerprint=edb22e349d7597e25f273867299332328b512ef9 is received

MPH error message.PNG


Candidate information is missing in Onboarding


Note: Super admin access is required.
There can be 2 reason for this issue. first one can be because of deleted record in Onboarding and second when candidate is missing from Onboarding which means integration parameters were changed.

First Reason:

  1. Take the impacted candidate and search in Onboarding => settings => Audit Trail  (This will help in finding out if candidate was processed via Onboarding process or not)
  2. Audit trail do not show record for Deleted candidate so, login to Super admin and navigate to Manage HR data
  3. Search for the candidate and see if any record is fetched or not.
  4. If No records , check "Include Deleted" options and search now.
  5. If a record is fetched which means candidate is deleted in Onboarding and thus the reason while hiring
    You can request for retrieval of deleted candidate by raising a support incident.

Second Reason:

  1. If there is no record after including deleted record also, this means that the candidate is not processed from that Onboarding instance
  2. e.g. ONB1 is mapped with BizX1 and ONB2 is mapped with BizX2
  3. Candidate1 is processed via ONB1 and is now in BizX1 but now the integration parameters are changed and now ONB1 is mapped with BizX2 and ONB2 is mapped with BizX1
  4. In this case, when we try to hire candidate1 in BizX1, we will get error message as candidate1 is not processed via ONB2 and there is no record for this candidate here and thus the error will be thrown.


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