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2569866 - Goal Management - Add / Edit Goals pop up window is Not Resizing in Internet Explorer


When editing or adding goals in GM v12, the pop-up screen does not resize when you adjust / stretch the frame horizontally. This feature works just fine in Google Chrome, but does not in Internet Explorer. The Horizontal scrollbars will not appear at the bottom as well. This is happening on Career Development page and on Group Goal / Team Goal.


  • SAP SuccessFactors Goal Management
  • SAP SuccessFactors Career Development Planning

Reproducing the Issue

1. Login to SF on IE browser
2. Go to Goal or Development tab
3. Add or edit any existing goal or CDP goal
4. Stretch the pop up window horizontally
5. You will see the white space created after you stretch the window initially but the content of the pop up screen will not follow the resized window.

6. Click on the blank white space and you will see the Window will adjust to cover the white space like it the way it should have behaved in the first place.
7. Now try to shrink the window again to its original size by dragging the right side corner going to the left. You will see the window did not detect it again and will not automatically adjust to show the whole content of the page. The scroll bar at the bottom is not showing as well.

pop up stretch.png


This is IE defect, it can only be fixed by Microsoft. The root cause is that the IE doesn't send the resize event to SF and this is something that we can not fix from our side.


There is a workaround here: after you resize the pop up window and you see it is not following the new size, click on the blank place of the pop up window as shown on the screen shot above and then IE will accept the resize command. This issue is not present on GM v11 because GMv11 and GMv12 are using totally different technology.


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