2569819 - Images in image widget no longer displaying

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2569819 - Images in image widget no longer displaying


An image, which were added to an image widget, no longer displays:

image not displaying.jpg



Reproducing the Issue

Navigate to an area in SAP Jam where an image was displayed in an image widget (e.g. Overview page containing an image widget)


This change is a result of a fix for a defect (Image thumbnail should not be accessible when image is deleted.) that was resolved in the R456, November 23rd release of SAP Jam. The defect meant that images which were added to an image widget were still viewable in the widget after the image was deleted.

The side effect is that you may have image widgets that no longer display an image since they reference a deleted image.


There are two options to display the image:

  1. Editing the homepages/overview pages and select another image for the broken image widgets.
  2. Restore the content from the group trash. Please note that:
  • this will not be possible if the image has been purged (permanently deleted).
  • there is no indication which image in trash is associated with the image widget so it may be difficult to find the image

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