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2568151 - Details on Q4 Release LRN-23722


Clarification on the Q4 Release LRN-23722.


SuccessFactors Learning , Learning Managment System.


As per 1711 release ( there are 2 part of this release:

1.) The label change was made to the connector automatic process pages. Below is the screenshot for your reference. Label changed to Last Scheduled By.


2.) Previously, when an SAP SuccessFactors Learning automatic process ran, it recorded administrator who configured the automatic process. For example, if an administrator with the user ID of jdoe configured the automatic process, then every time the process ran, the logs showed jdoe. This was incorrect because jdoe configured the process: the Automatic Process Manager (APM) actually ran the process. In this release, when the process runs, it records "System APM" as the user who ran the process.

These are the APM Jobs where this should apply (System > Automatic Processes):

S.No | APM_Description | APM | Tables to be verified
1 | UpdateInstructorBaseCostApmJob | Set Instructor Base Cost | PA_INST_COST
2 | CleanupCustomerLabelApmJob | System APM | PH_I18N_CUSTOM_EXTENSION_LABEL
3 | LFNewsletterAPMJob | Recommendations Newletter | PA_STUD_TEMPLATE_NOTIFY
4 | ExternalVerificationReminderApmJob | External Verification Reminder | PA_EXT_LEARNING_RQST
5 | SelfRegnAccountSyncApprovalProcessAPM | Set Account Request Approval Process | PA_STUD_SELF_REGISTRATION
6 | SelfRegnUserCreatedAccountReminderAPM | User-Created Account Reminder | PA_TAP_EFFECTIVE_APPROVERS

After running the Automatic Process, when you check the LAST_UPDATE_USER for the tables above, it should now show as System APM.

To test, you can run the Set Instructor Base Cost APM (System > Automatic Processess > Set Instructor Base Cost). Once it has successfully ran, check the PA_INST_COST table, then check the LAST_UPDATE_USER (you can sort the last update date from latest to oldest to make it easier). Notice that the Last Update user is now set to System APM.


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