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This article presents the main features of the URL Builder - one of the available tools within the RMK Dashboard.

Frequently asked questions are also presented for more details.


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The URL Builder allows RMK Dashboard users to create a URL with tracking codes for use when manually posting on job boards, niche job sites, social network blogs, and other online and offline sources.

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a. Recruiting Marketing URL: Copy or Paste URL from Recruiting Marketing site.

i. Https is supported for sites that have https set up on their talent community and the URL contains 'talentcommunity' or 'subscribe'.

b. Custom Campaign: Enter Campaign. Spaces and illegal characters in campaign names are automatically replaced with underscores.

c. Source: Select referrer type and referrer engine. A shortcut is available for select social networks. User can also select no source by choosing “None.”

d. Campaign URL: New URL is auto generated and can be copied.

e. Campaign HTML Link: New URL is HTML encoded and can be copied.

f. Short URL: Uses Google and for social network links and can be copied.

g. QR Code: If a Short URL is generated a QR code can be created and saved as an image file.


  • TIP: If you are setting up multiple jobs for the same campaign and/or source, just paste the job URL, copy the new generated URL, and repeat. There is no need to clear or reenter the same settings. A new URL is auto-generated.


URL Generator FAQs

  • If I have a source that I continue to use with the URL Builder, can I eventually automate this process?

Yes, Recruiting Marketing can set up and manage automated campaigns to major boards, niche boards, and aggregators. If you find that you are posting to the same source daily, call your Client Strategy Director to set up a managed and automated campaign. Managed campaigns can also be created for standard SEM and social networks.

  • What happens if the source that I want to post to isn’t in the referral engine list?

The list of sources in the URL builder is the most common manual posting sources. Most sources will automatically be categorized correctly in the Recruiting Marketing system without tracking tags. If you do not see a matching source, you can select “None” in the referral engine list.

  • What happens if I post a source tracking URL to the wrong source?

Any visitors that are directed to the Recruiting Marketing site will be attributed to the source code that is in the URL. The Recruiting Marketing system always gives priority to the landing page and source tracking code over the referral source URL.

  • Can I use the URL builder with other solutions?

Yes, the URL builder can also be used with Google Analytics. The “utm_source” and “utm_campaign” parameters also are accurately passed in the Google Analytics stats.

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