2565966 - EEO Category Field Appearing twice in Job information section when adding new employee

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2565966 - EEO Category Field Appearing twice in Job information section when adding new employee


EEO Category field is appearing twice in the EEO information section of Job information when adding a new employee.

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  • SAP Successfactors HCM Suite
  • Employee Central

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Log into instance
  2. Make sure you have at least one country specific field in job info for a specific country and also have configured all fields in Job information to be in the various sections (Sections within the "manage business configuration" tool)
  3. Open the add new employee tool and create a new hire for specific country mentioned in step 2 
  4. Fill in all the various sections/portlet as usual until you get to the job information section
  5. Scroll down to the EEO information section and note how the EEO category field is showing 2 times.


This issue is being deemed a regression in 1711 and is being investigated by engineering


This issue is fixed in the 1802 release.



The workaround is to move the country specific fields next to the regular datamodel (SDM) fields that are not country specific; instead of having these country specific fields on the bottom.

Here are the steps to do the workaround:

  1. Open "Configure People Profile" tool
  2. click on "Job information" section
  3. On right side you will see "you can configure field.....etc", click on the word "here"
  4. On the top you will see "all countries"; change this to "specific country" so that you can see the that countries specific specific fields
  5. scroll to the bottom now and you will see the xx amount of fields that are country specific (those fields will be shaded in white).
  6. Move these fields next to one of the fields that are displayed in Grey/black. (Grey/black fields are basically the standard SDM fields that are not country specific).
  7. save the change and this should fix the duplication issue.

Important note: Issue is discovered for EEO information country specific field, but this issue may NOT be only specific to this field and may also occur by using any other country specific fields in certain circumstances.


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