2562533 - Pay Component Ordering in the UI

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2562533 - Pay Component Ordering in the UI


What is the logic behind how pay components are ordered in the UI after import


Employee Central - Foundation Objects

Reproducing the Issue

1. Add Pay Components A, B & C to an import template for Pay Components Recurring, in that order

2. Import them

3. Observe that the Pay Components appear in a different order to the Import Template


In the Import Framework, Pay Components are sorted based upon the Creation order

For example:

If PC1 is created first, then PC2 and PC3 (and so on), PC1 will always appear first in the UI after it has been assigned


The date to look out for is the last modified by


If there are changes made to the pay component which effect you figuring out the creation date

Do the following

1. Reporting

2. Ad hoc Report - Foundation Objects

3. Columns - Pay Component

4 - Find Created on Field

5 - Run report to find out the dates and times




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