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2562017 - Size Limit For Attachments In C4C


You want to know the size limit for Attachments in C4C.


1711 and above.


There’s a technical limit of 100 MB for all Business Users using the C4C HTML5 / Fiori Client and 20 MB for End Customers using the SAP Cloud Platform Portal.
Overall we have a 10GB storage limitation per user, however, we always look at the overall storage consumption per tenant, not per user.

C4C is not built as a ‘storage’ application. If customers have the need to store large attachments they should use a different persistence and link the URL in the documents/master data.

To clarify below –
1) 100 MB is the max size of attachments that can be stored against a business object like Accounts in C4C.
2) 10GB storage space is offered per user for a tenant – and it is cumulative storage space i.e. if there are 2 users in a tenant, then total storage space available in the tenant will be 20GB and that cumulative limit is checked?

The 100 MB limit is for user who are directly interacting with the C4C system and want to upload a file (for pictures this should be sufficient).
In general a C4C system should not be used as a document management system and it is not designed to store and administer many large files like videos. For such kind of requirements an external system would be recommended and insert a link in the corresponding master data / transactional records in C4C.


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